The Spiritual Superman is born

In December 2012, I awakened. Mainly through learning about the Celestine Prophecies which were divinely sent to me by a random woman who had a vision about me and told me to read the book. Also, big contributions to this awakening are becoming a vegetarian, now vegan, the understanding of quantum physics and chanellers like Bashar and Ester Hicks as well as the teachings of Wayne Dyer.

This awakening lead me to be able to connect energetically with all the teachers of truth on this planet. And with the help of the internet and companies like the amazing Mindvalley, Hayhouse, Soundstrue and Nightingale Conant, I was able to learn more about these universal truths that were unaccessible to me my entire life.

This lead me to quit my 7 year career at IBM to continue my learning and growth. I spent the beginning of 2013 at home meditating, reading every book I could find, listening to every audiobook and watching every Youtube video and documentary I could find on the subjects of spiritual and personal growth.

At the end of 2013, I applied to work at Mindvalley. A place where I could work at an actual “job” in a “company” as I was used to most of my life while still being able to continue my learning and spiritual growth, all in a warm and comfortable climate.

I joined Mindvalley in April 2014, moved to Malaysia from Toronto, Canada and the journey began. It was everything I asked for in my affirmations and visualizations. Amazing weather which I’ve wanted since I can remember, low cost of living, easy access to clean organic foods, beautiful beaches and amazing beautiful and like minded people.

I litterally manifested everything I asked for since 2012 in one way or another. Our lives are truly an expression of our thoughts and ideas once we surrender to Faith. You won’t know you’re being divinely guided until after. As Steve Jobs said: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.”
Your faith will get you there. All you have to do is believe.

Almost 1 year later, in the middle of a 12 day silent meditation at the end of 2014, I woke up to my purpose of raising mine and everyone else’s vibration through the use of energy and the power of words.

I am a messenger of Truth.

6 months after this awakening, I have fully commited myself to this purpose and have found the ability to maintain this state in most of my experiences. I now sleep well, eat well and love going to work everyday. I work out and meditate every single morning and night with ease and enthousiasm.

I no longer spend hours watching TV and movies as I so often did on those cold snowy Canadian days. This was a hard belief to change. All those years of programming to need TV and however many more years that were programmed into me from my parents habits. My ego had real trouble letting go of this one.

Once I surrendered to the fact that I would dissolve my need for it when the time was right and not a minute before, this allowed me to enjoy the shows and movies so much more. Once I had this understanding, I didn’t feel guilty for enjoying that movie. I, instead, knew it was somehow part of my Soul’s evolution and I would transcend it when the need for it had passed.

I remember, at one point this year, I decided to re-watch a bunch of movies and shows that I had, at some point, watched and thoroughly enjoyed when I was still feeling guilty… As I re-watched these, I gained a whole new remembering of the plot and a greater appreciation for the quality of each episode or scene.

How did I get to this point? After the immense change in my personality and behaviour after my 12 day silent meditation, I now knew that mindfulness and meditation are the secret to changing your thoughts which I know 100% knew would change my life to the one I dream about.

With this cultivated mindfulness, I can now see my ego act as it always has and I now finally can be that voice that silences it. I did this just now as I paused after the word mindfulness and realised that my ego wants me to stop writing these sentences because I’m too “good” for this. This is boring. I could be doing so many other things. I don’t want to write and put this in a book or post it online and have a bunch of people read it and comment on it and re-post it and do all that social media brouhaha and then they dismiss it and move it to the next topic. And my ego also says : Others have also been saying this and the world hasn’t changed yet. This is what Jesus and many others have thought throughout the ages and not much has changed since then. What can I do? There are still so many people who don’t understand the truth. So what’s the point?? Why do it?

Because I love writing? Maybe. However, I would rather be having fun with friends and family, travelling, swimming in the ocean, sleeping and just doing some relaxed thinking

So, again I ask..Why do it? Because, as Mindvalley’s credo states: “We help others rock their greatest lives.” Knowing we are all one and we all come from the one, we know that as we help ourselves we help each other and as we help each other, we help ourselves.

So decide. Who do you want to help?

Yourself only? The people running the tobacco and alcohol companies? The GMO companies? The fast food franchises? The fame and fortune of the elite?

Or do you want to help the people seeking unconditional love and the truth in their lives? The people that help spread love to the rest of the population. Thats who I want to help and want to be helped by.

So, my decision was made and it was forever. My consciousness and my ego now had to catch up to my decision… June 2015. That’s when I became…

The Spiritual Superman


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